Domingo… Mothers day in Spain

On mothers day, we visited the family of my exchange student and I have to say: “Spanish grandmothers are so sweet!” But I think grand mothers are always sweet. Okay… often. Maybe sometimes…

After having lunch (pancakes IMG_0248), we drove in the center and walked and walked and walked. In the Evening we met some friends and we ate together. It was very delicious. But I am so stupid! I’m a vegetarian but in the restaurant wasn’t many vegetarian things. But then I thought: “I can eat a cheese burger…” but I forgot, that there is meet on in too. I only read cheese, salad and bread and I thought: “Oh yes! A burger, how delicious.”

At the end I was very confused and ate only the bread with salad… But it was okay too because there were a lot off fries (KARTOFFELN) and the dessert (like the ice cream from ben and Jerry) was the best ice cream I ever ate.