Music in Summer and a little suprise

This Summer will be awesome! I have to tell you something. After the summer vacations I will spend a year abroad in UK. In Cambridge. That is also the reason why I created my blog.

It began at a grey afternoon… NO. It is a bad idea to begin this story if it is a novel or something like that. But when I tell people something, it is like a big story with lot of details. That is the disadvantage when you write stories… You start talking like a speaker on a CD, who tells people the story of your life… I think there would be hundreds of thousands of CD’s.

But I wanted to tell you the story…

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Every year I drove together with my best friend to a little village called “Manderscheid”. Every time we are on a small camping place and every time we slept in a tent. But this year we could sleep in a big caravan. That was great! We had a lot space and fun. The weather was so beautiful. The sun was shining and everywhere we go we could smell the smell of nature and listen to the songs of hundreds of birds.

We were all the time outside in the forest and on the fields. But in the evening it was a perfect place to sleep. No mosquitos or other insects!

One day we went to a little lake. but the water was to cold, so we only watched the dragonflies which flow over water. Also we found a lot of animals and plants. The flowers were amazing.





IMG_2344There were so many dandelions. I took a lot of photos. Here you can see my favorite pic…IMG_2346



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