image1 2Hey guys.

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I would like to tell you something.

Maybe, if you read the heading, you know what I want to say.

Yes. I have tumblr now.

I hope you visit my site and maybe follow me. I would be very happy.

Have a nice day



The new trend colour

Hey Guys! The spring arrived!

Now when it gets warmer and it is possible to go outside without a big winter coat, you have to sort sth. out! You need more room for new stuff, do you? Yesterday I was in cologne city and I bought incredible things!

You can see them on the photos.


IMG_5766    IMG_5486


The color of my new leather jacket from Gerry Weber has this special green, which is in vogue now. You can see it everywhere you go! Mixed with my strawberry colored flat which is also from GW, it is a nice contrast. Color blocking is in fashion now!


On the pictures I am in a park near a big lake. I take this little dog for a walk. He is so sweet! Can you see his long curly ears?


Today it was the warmest day of the year and the sun was very strong. I hope I haven’t sort out my stuff again. I am already glad about the summer but now it is the time of fancy jackets, colorful flats and funny hats!   IMG_5571

Hope you enjoy the sunny days and think about this new fashion green! This belongs in to every wardrobe.

yours Lara