Jasmine’s b-day

These are photos I took at the 13th birthday from my host sister Jas.

When I walked in, everything was pink. The couch, the bowls for the foot bath and the gift bags in front of the TV, which was covered with a blanket (which was obviously pink). But the absolutely highlight was the seven girls wearing a pink bathrobe.

It was amazing. A dream for almost every young girl.


IMG_9123        IMG_9128

After they had they foot bath, two older girls, who planned the party, did their make up and painted their nails. They had so many different kinds of make up and they make every girl up individually. They also did their hair and I have to say that the little girl in me was jealous. I really wanted to wear one of those pink bathrobes too.


IMG_9108        IMG_9125

IMG_9100        IMG_9105



When they were ready they eat some cake and marshmallows with chocolate. In the meantime a stretch limousine drove in front of the house. All the girls walked outside and after some photos they climb in the limo. They turned on the music and the last thing we saw were the flash lights of their cameras before the limousine drove around the corner.


IMG_9066 IMG_9048



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