Today I did a photo-shoot with my good friend Ama Kondo. We did it at Lunch time because we are so busy at the moment. We have to stay after school to work on our Sketchbooks. It’s so much work but I like working on it and creating new ages. Furthermore Ama is wearing dreads and she is getting them off during Easter holidays. I am looking forward to have the Easter break but I am sure we get work to do over eastern.


ama 18

ama 12

ama 11 ama 16

ama 10

ama 13

ama 14

ama 1

ama 2

ama 8

Ama 9

ama 7

ama 6

ama 5




Black and White

Today I took some nice photos of some friends. They are all black and white images because thats our topic in my photography class at the moment. The following photos show photos linked to David Bailey who took pictures of people in different emotions. In order: Lois, Hannah, Meggy

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