Tiny Planets

For Photography we had to create some panoramic pictures and transform them to a tiny planet. I will explain the progress in three easy steps


It is simplest to work with a 360 degree panorama. You can take 7-8 photos and put them together. It is better to have nothing directly next to you. A good place to take those photos is for exapmle a park where you can stand at the field. Or an empty playground.

Step 1: Resize and Rotate

The first thing we need to do is prepare the image for the Polar filter. You can do this by stretching the height of the image so that the image is a perfect square.

Select Image_Image Size from the menus. Uncheck ‘Constrain Proporties’ and set the “height” to the same number as your “width”. After that you have to rotate the image 180 degrees. (Image_Canvas Size_180)

Step 2: Polar Filter

Now you have to se the polar filter to create your planet.

Choose Filter_Distort_Polar Coordinates from the menus and fit your planet on screen. Now you have your little own planet… But you can do it better…

Step 3: Clean up and rotate

The rest is easy. You can rotate the planet, clean up the sky with the clone stamp and also clean up the edges where the left and right border of the image came together so it is a smooth transition. Furthermore you can adjust the contrast and colors to make your image more powerful.


tiny planet


You also can use “actions” to create a different atmosphere. When you click here you can see 6 different actions.

Originalphoto original

Action Nr.3 photo edit

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