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Today I was in the performance “Chotto Desh” performed and choreographed by “Akram Khan”.  It was an amazing performance and I really enjoyed it. His use of the ideational STIMULI (telling a story) was gorgeous. He used a tape were his mother his father and his voice were recorded. So he didn’t speak in the whole performance. He just act and danced while the voices were coming out of the boxes. At the beginning he danced a choreography together with sounds of a busy street. You could really see the people and cars because the way he danced through those invisible cars and people was so detailed. He used also the visual Stimuli (what you can see) and project some animations at the background. Khan used those animations and told the story together with the pictures. That’s really clever and interesting to watch. He also drew on his head at one scene and danced while he looked at the ground so it looked like a human creature which was really strange but in an interesting and unique way.

If you want to learn more about Akram Khan klick HERE.

Akram Khan, London 2010



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