Attachment 8Attachment 9

Those are some light drawings my friend Alan and me took at school.

We had so much fun drawing animals, faces and objects. First we started with easy ones. But suddenly I said: “I try a dolphin.”

And I tried it…

We were so shocked (in a positive way) when we saw the photo. Because my dolphin is quite good isn’t it?

Attachment 14

We started drawing more difficult pictures in the air. We laughed a lot because some drawings looked so ridiculous. It is very hard drawing in the air because you have to remember what and where you draw before. But I think we did it well.

Attachment 1DIDDLINA! Alan doesn’t know it and I had to explain it to him. For everyone who doesn’t know Diddel…. (GIRLS) You missed an important part of you’re childhood.

Attachment 2This should be a cat but I think it looks like a kangaroo.

Attachment 3Here I forgot counting the arms of the octopus… But I think it doesnt matter 🙂

Attachment 4 Drawing a moon and stars is more difficult then you think…

Attachment 6I hadn’t enough time for the two other bones.  In the background you are able to see me drawing. Or my pink shirt.

Attachment 7Christmas tree… first we wanted to draw something about Halloween but it looks bad so we decided that we prefer christmas anyway and Alan drew a beautiful christmas tree.

Attachment 11

Attachment 12I tried a horse…

Attachment 13and a bird…

Attachment 20and an elephant…

Attachment 15

You can try at out as well.

You just need a bright light (flashlight from you’re mobile phone), a camera which is able to do apperture and shutterspeed and one person who is drawing something in the air. (You also can do it by yourself) On you’re camera you need a narrow Apperture and a slow shutter speed for taking the best photo of your drawing.

Any questions? I’ll be glad if you ask me.

Yours Lara

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