Day nr 5.

Saturday. 5th september.

Today we were in Cambridge and I totally loved it! We drove by bus and our trip started with waiting. J was all the time counting, that was very funny.

100, 99, 98…77,76…











ย image


Finally, when the bus arrived and we had a little walk though Cambridge, I bought a birthday present for one friend and I visit a little market. It was really cold and I am happy that my mum sent me some winter clothes.

This evening J will stay over night and we will watch “We will rock you” because at our school will be a musical and we want to be part of it. So we will get to know the story of this popular musical better. We also want to watch “Fame”. Thats a dance movie. By the way, On friday I had choreography and everybody have aching muscels now. With other words, I cant move. I only have the ability to to this post. Okay I tend to exaggerate… But I am scared that I will die of hunger because I can’t walk in to the kitchen…

Okay I should stop being so hypochondriac… ๐Ÿ™‚



Here you can see J and me and this little dog is called “Bertie”image

Everybody love Dubsmash and we laughed so much… I have to show you ๐Ÿ™‚


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