crazy and fantastic

Only four days. Than I am in England. I am really excited and a little bit nervous.

Now I often think about my friends here in Cologne.

Those photos I took in the summer vacations. My best friend Pina was here and we had a lot of fun.

I hope that I will have fun too when I am in England.

I hope that I will find a few people who are crazy like me and who are fantastic like my friends I have at home.

I will tell you soon 🙂


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London. Again.

London. Again. After our little tip to Scottland we stoped in London to change the plane and airport. We thought that we could walk over the minellium bridge and have tea time in the SWAN at the shakespeares Globe Theater. It was delicious. And while it was raining outide, we ate many sweets and drank a lot of tea.




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The beautiful, grey, rainy London.