Home sweet home

Back to Germany…

On our last day we went to a little “chocolateria” and ate the typical churros of Spain. It is a fried-dough pastry which you have to dip in hot chocolate. Very delicious!IMG_0596

After this tasty trip, we have to went to the airport. Very sad that we have to say good bye, we went to the chec in. After many complications (we have to took another fly because of something which nobody understood) we arrived at the sparkling , fragrant beauty paradise from the airport. Everywhere you could see colorful cosmetic articles. We went to Victoria secret and smelled some of the perfumes from Chanel.

IMG_0599 Finally we went to the plane and after some turbulence we arrived safe in Germany.

It was an unforgettable trip and I will miss everybody of the spanish guys and I am happy to see them again soon, because they will come to visit us in June.



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