Palacio Real of Madrid

Today it was the last day because at tuesday our fly will take us to germany.


We visited the palast of the spanish King. My friend Laura and me were thinking all the time what we would do with 3000 rooms. It was really funny and the woman who gave us a tour though the museum was only 130 cm tall and looks like Bathilda Bagshot. The Scene when Bathilda collapses and a large snake, Nagini, leaves her body and starts attacking Harry was all the time in my head and I was really scarde about this women…image1


IMG_0614After this scary trip, we walked to a little park in Madrid.







IMG_0356  IMG_0285In the afternoon we played “truth or dare” The game, were you have to coose between truth or dare and then you have to anwer a question or you hve to do something “spacial”…IMG_0550It was really funny!

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