Spain – Madrid – Exchange

IMG_9326The last week was one of the bests weeks ever.

I had an exchange with some people from Spain so I stayed in Madrid the last week. It was so amazing and we had perfect weather.

The day when we arrived, my new friend Monica and me we went in to a beautiful park and talked a lot. I met my host family and they were and are so incredible!

Then we had dinner… Pizza… not a spanish specialty but my favorite one. I was a little bit confused because we ate at 11 o’ clock. Normally I sleep at 11o’ clock. But in Spain it is normal to eat late at night.


At the first day we stand up at 7 o’clock and we had breakfast. fresh orange juice and bagel with tomato cream. It was delicious. I asked for a hot chocolate and I get a warm chocolate pudding in a cup and I was like “Oh, this is a spanish hot chocolate??” It was very funny.

In the school everybody had a school uniform. blue and red. Everywhere you could see blue and red. The school is very big but there are over 3000 students… In the ‘play ground” – break – were hundreds of people on the yard. and a lot of boys played football. After the break the german students had a swimming lesson. It was really funny but the bathing caps were horrible. After one lesson of theatre were some smaller children were learning a dance for the musical frozen, we had lunch. Pasta and this time there was a special spanish sauce on it with olives and Zucchini. After this, we went in the center of Madrid and met some other exchange students. In the evening we went to the stadion of Madrid. This was so legendary that I have to do an extra post about this…  All in all it was a perfect day!




At the end I will make a list with all the difference between Spain and Germany.


  1. Hh I enjoyed reading your report . thanks for sharing your experience here because I’m looking forward to have the same one .after my first experience which i had was over 6month in us .as u said it’s really a good place to go to as well .the beautiful spain 🙂

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