The snow blows white on the mount tonight

imageAfter beeing in the sun, we went unfortunately in the snow to Austria. But it was nice too.

4 friends and me, we had a small room in a big house at a big frozen lake. It was very cozy and we had a lot of fun. One day we had a beutiful day with sun. But at the night, there was a big snow storm and when we looked out of the window, there were 20 cm of snow outside!




At the lake there is a small restaurant. Two boys ( We called them Kevin and Kevin because there are twins and we only known the name from one of them) work in this restaurant. Kevin were in the kitchen and the other Kevin work as a waiter. On the photo you can see a special speciality in Austria… the “Kaiserschmarren” It is like a

fluffy pancake.


image   image

Photos from me by S.S

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