Cinepaenz – first day


After getting our press cards and a blue T-shirt with the name from our reporter-team on it, we watched a movie called “the nightingale”.

It was a lovely story about a chines girl and her grandfather. After watching the movie, a friend and I we had an interview with two woman’s who advice the movie with sign language (Gebaerdensprache). The conversation was very exciting.

We have to cut the Interview first. In a few days you can listen to it on

And I have to say, that we could have drinks and cake for free with this great press passes…


Tomorrow, I will go in a movie called “Lola auf der Erbse” (Lola of the pea) and I hope to meet the spcial gast in the cinema becaue I like to have more Interviewes. It’s ful of fun ♥

I look forward to visiting the movie tomorrow.

Have a nice day ! ♥

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