New Year

Heeey! I haven’t seen you for ages!

It is 2018 now and everything changed…. Well, at least a bit.

My New Years resolutions still are the same.

1. Hit the gym, I have been once since the first of January so I would say this one is done.

2. Stop biting my fingernails. (I always do that when I am nervous, bored or really concentrated.) I did very well until I watched Goosebumps. No it wasn’t boring. That movie was really good!

3. Doing my final exams and finishing school as well as getting my Driving license… Actually I’ll get my grades for my last term this Friday and I did quite well exept of maths. But who cares about that. And the last time I tried to drive my car, my Dad almost got a heart attac. The struggle is real……….

Anyways. I also thought about what I am going to do after school and I have no idea. Almost everyone has a plan and knows what they are interested in and what they want. One friend is in Guatemala now, helping children. Another one is in Vietnam working as an english teacher for children, on friend works in a nursery school and last week a friend went to Iceland as an O pair…

And I am sitting here and I don’t know what I want except that I don’t want to do something with children. No offense but noo. I prefer having a dog or two.

But instead of doing nothing I will carry on blogging. To start with I’ll clean up this website and maybe change my layout. Just starting fresh and with more motivation.

Oh man it probably will end with me watching Netflix and eat crisps… NO!

I can do it. Yes I can.

See you next year.

Just kidding 🙂